In recognition of the critical political and language support provided by brave Iraqis to U.S. cavalrymen at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Second Dragoons Foundation has provided support to these Iraqis and their families as they moved to the U.S. under a special congressional program.

These Iraqis risked their lives and the lives of their families in supporting the U.S. efforts and were forced to leave Iraq to avoid Al Qaeda threats. In honor of the Mayor of Tal Afar, who named the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment the Lions of Tal Afar, we have established the Lion Fund to help these individuals.

Your contributions to this effort have allowed us to not only provide financial assistance to help these families settle in the U.S., but have also led to a job placement in a role allowing an Iraqi interpreter to continue to support our military efforts by training U.S. personnel in language skills in preparation for deployment.

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