Our Afghan Interpreter extended family of 18 (2 families connected by marriage) are now in Quantico, MCB Virginia, after a harrowing escape from Afghanistan and processing in Ramstein Air Base, Germany. The patriarch has a son who is a naturalized U.S. citizen living in the USA. The whole clan has decided that near him is the best place for them to settle. All of the families are in some stage of the Special Immigration Visa or Humanitarian Parole programs. It is a long process, so they will need some help to get back on their feet. They have limited work permits. Some of the adults speak English, others are learning rapidly. One of the couples has degrees but will need to gain U.S. credentials to work in their field. 

Learning their ABCs is just the beginning of their American Dreams!

The families include six young girls ranging from age 1 to 10 that we especially want to get educational aid to. They are very keen to learn English. We could have a real success story here to help them soon and in the right ways. These Afghan Interpreters helped our forces when we needed them, and now they and their families need us.

The E.E. Mixon 2nd Dragoons Foundation will be helping this group with our own money. We welcome all donations to help us support this group. As a reminder, 100% of your donations go to the cause, and we do not take one cent from your donation. Our members pay all of our costs, so your contributions are never diluted.

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