Sting’s Fields of Gold has always been a special song for me as it came out right after my Dad died. Then Eva Cassidy covered it about the time my Mom died. It is so melancholic that it takes me back and makes me tear up. Good songs and poetry have that special magic.

I recently took a look at the lyrics again more closely and saw some great Hillbilly Haiku in it. Makes me like it even more now. If that is possible.

I hope Sting won’t mind me re-arranging things a little.

So she took her love
upon the fields of barley
for to gaze awhile


Will you stay with me?
among the fields of barley
will you be my love?


Many years have passed
we will walk in fields of gold
in the days still left


When the west wind moves
upon the fields of barley
you’ll remember me

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Sting is doing a tour with Peter Gabriel called “Rock Paper Scissors” which should be pretty extraordinary.

Got to stop thinking about this song now.