T J Linzy

Consultant / Historian

My primary focus is on operational innovation (customer services, supply chain and technology) for telecom, media, technology, and retail companies and pragmatic education and training for professionals. I have previously worked in executive leadership positions for Amazon.com, Lastminute.com, N Brown PLC, and IBM. More recently, I have helped Skype, Ebay, last.fm, Belkin, and Spotify deliver innovation in their operations. I blog about my self-employment and other business topics at The New Yeoman.


I’m also a historian of eighteenth and nineteenth century honor culture in Europe and North America. I hold a PhD from the Department of Social Sciences and Public Policy at King’s College London. You can find my PhD dissertation here. I am the Second Cavalry Regiment Association‘s historian. You can find my books on Amazon.com.


I’m a founding member of the E.E. Mixon Second Dragoons Foundation which provides support to the families of soldiers and veterans. Please consider donating.