Source: 13 Signs You Are Meant To Be Self-Employed – Forbes

Your boss is driving you crazy because of his short-sightedness. You don’t get along with the other employees because you keep taking control of team projects and bossing everyone around. You are sick of your great ideas being ignored. Does this sound like you? Then you may be ready to step out on your own and join the growing ranks of the self-employed!

I wouldn’t say one needs to possess all of these to become self-employed, but some of them certainly help. However, I don’t like the negative tone of this article. It makes it sound like one would want to become self employed only because one couldn’t stand being employed. I prefer the more positive choices of self employment. Being “resourceful” and being happy to be the “decider” are critical to being self-employed, but are also happiness inducing life choices.

On the other hand, “not getting along with others” is NOT a true indicator of the self employed in my experience. I’ve met a lot of employed grumpy and obstinate gits in organisations, but if you are going to be your own salesman and customer service agent, you better be pretty good with people or your business won’t last long, IMHO.